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Kunskapsskolan was founded in Sweden in 1999 and opened its first schools in 2000. Never before had anyone had the long-term perspective and ambition to invest in a coherent development where pedagogy, accountability, IT technology, administration, teachers' resources and school design were all integrated with one common purpose: to create a school centered on the recognition of each unique individual. Today, over 12,000 students are educated in schools using the internationally-acclaimed KED program.

KED is recognized for its academic achievement and its ability to empower students with the knowledge and the capacity to meet the complex demands of a modern society as responsible individuals and team members.Education is the key to success in any field, and teaching students not only knowledge, but also skills necessary for further life is the most important task of educational providers. For example, the order term papers service always tries to help its customers develop and achieve their dreams, support them in a difficult moment, show patience and understanding. their individual needs.

In 2007, Kunskapsskolan began adapting it’s educational concept to the UK curriculum; shortly thereafter, Kunskapsskolan was chosen as a partner and sponsor in the Academies program. Through the Learning Schools Trust, UK Academies will be run according to Kunskapsskolan's KED program, but within the UK curriculum, regulations and educational environment. This adaptation and development is being carried out in cooperation with local teachers and Kunskapsskolan's pedagogical and organizational experts. The first academies opened in September 2010.

With its strong track record and world-acclaimed approach, Kunskapsskolan's ambition is to continue to open new schools and provide its expertise, services and solutions for high performing education to existing schools around the world. It is also our conviction that sharing experiences across languages and borders, and linking educators and students together in a global network will provide better education, while promoting global understanding and insights.

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