At Innovate Manhattan Charter School, our model for learning is different. We place students at the center of our school: our time, teachers, materials, curriculum, and space are all leveraged to meet our students’ needs. Students and teachers are partners in the students learning process, and are both empowered by their active involvement in what they learn and how and how they learn it.

Our school is modeled on the KED (Kunskapsskolan Education) schools in Sweden, which have some of the highest rates of student achievement in that country. We start with the student: not some statistical average of a student, but rather the individual student with all of her or his individual ambitions and needs:

 > Students set knowledge goals and choose personalized, optimal strategies to reach those goals.Strategies are developed under the guidance of teachers. The student chooses the tutor himself and receives feedback throughout the course. As practice shows, the most effective strategy is the development of students with the involvement of

 > We dedicate a teacher to every student as their personal learning coach, who meets with them individually every week to support them on every step of their progression.

 > Students, teachers, and parents access our inquiry-based curriculum through the Learning Portal, which frees our teachers to spend time innovating how they will reach your child rather than spending hours lesson-planning.

 > Courses are taught as either Steps or Themes:

• In Steps, students study with other students who are on the same “step” as them.
• In Themes, students work with their same-grade groups and study courses that integrate subjects across the content areas.

> Students’ school days include a variety of sessions such as seminars, lectures, communications, labs, and workshops that the students and their coaches chose to fit the personalized needs of the students.

Everything we do at Innovate Manhattan is oriented towards keeping the focus on the student and leveraging all of our resources - time, teachers, space, and materials - to meet their needs.

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