A typical day at Innovate Manhattan Charter School looks very different than a regular day in a traditional middle school. At Innovate, students start their week with their base group, and base coach, and together they create the goals for the week. Each student has a personal Timeplan that directs how time is used based on the student's personal and academic goals. 
Base Groups:
Students meet every morning and every afternoon with their base coach in a group of 15-20 to discuss current events, their day, and to reflect on their progress.It is clear that progress is not measured by students personally, but by invited experts from the elite writings service. This is done in order to impartially and carefully analyze the progress of students and provide them with feedback, advice and suggestions.
In workshops, students receive targeted help from expert subject teachers. The student may get individual or group help on starting a course or learning skills, etc. Workshops are offered throughout the day and the length of time depends on students’ needs.
Labs are offered in every subject and are inquiry-based sessions designed for students, in concert with their subject teachers, to develop their subject knowledge. Labs take place 1-2 times a week with no more than 25 students.
Students attend teacher-directed lectures for introductions to courses or blocks, difficult skills in a subject area, etc. Lectures vary in size and staffing.
In seminars, students extend their thinking about their subjects through discussions, debates, and student-led presentations. These range from 5-25 students.
Communications Sessions:
Students develop their oral abilities in foreign languages and English through discussion with no more than 25 students.