All students are assessed as they enter Innovate to determine what knowledge they have gained previously. We then personalize their learning plan according to where they are and where they need to go. All subjects at Innovate Manhattan are organized as step courses or thematic courses.A curator from extended essay writing service is attached to each of the courses. The purpose of the courses is to expand and deepen knowledge and skills, to master the latest advanced experience in specialties necessary to ensure the effective activity of students.

In Steps, students study with students who are on the same “step” as them, regardless of their age or grade. Math, English Language Arts, and Spanish are taught as Steps.

In Themes, students work with their same-grade groups and study courses that integrate subjects across the content areas. Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Physical Education, Health, and Home & Careers will be taught as Themes.

All Step and Theme courses are tied to the New York State standards and meet the rigorous Common Core standards. Students are expected to reach “floors” in each year that prepare them to meet and exceed that grade’s NYS requirements.