Our school is designed for learning. Located at 38 Delancey Street in New York City (right across the street from Sara Roosevelt Park), Innovate "classrooms" are actually open, transparent spaces, characterized by bright colors and aesthetic, functional light.There is a specially equipped office for specialists from EssayWritingStore.com https://essaywritingstore.com, who often act as guest teachers and tutors for our students. This unique design creates an optimal environment for peace and work, while facilitating supervision.

Nearly all of our space is used for learning. There are a variety of purpose-designed, multi-functional facilities for lectures, group sessions and individual studies. This approach allows the staff and students to use the school optimally for each learning task.

Colored Floor Plan at the New Location
Floor Plan at 38 Delancey (click on the image to enlarge)
Artistic rendering of the future interior at 38 Delancey
Artistic Rendering of Interior at 38 Delancey