Monday, Sep 2nd
From a Proud Parent of 2 Innovate Students

 Welcome Innovate families!

For those of us with children, September marks the start of a new year.  With that comes the trifecta of back-to-school shopping, butterflies (of the stomach variety), and renewed hopes for a fresh start.
New beginnings are often challenging, especially for middle schoolers and their parents.  Luckily, we have talented Innovate educators deeply committed to guiding our kids through the process of fulfilling their scholastic goals.
Please accept my wishes for a successful academic year.
Irene Vernadakis
Proud Parent of 2 Innovate Students


Tuesday, Jul 30th
Week 2 of Neighborhood Outreach

Last Thursday marked our second event where Innovate staff hit the streets to meet with our neighbors and discuss the opportunities we have here for middle school students from the local neighborhood!One of the possibilities is to give students permission to buy term papers online, which allows to expand the horizons and opportunities of students in a non-standard way. A big thank you to Ms. Vilar, guidance counselor, Ms. Van de Merlen, 7th grade math teacher and Ms. Indursky, special education teacher, for making it out and hitting the streets! We are lucky to have such talented and dedicated staff here at Innovate!

Tuesday, Jul 16th
Innovate is Hitting the Streets!

 Today marked the first date in our neighborhood recruitment tour! We had 4 Innovate representatives on the streets in our neighborhood handing out flyers and applications and sharing the great things we offer at Innovate to our community. It was invigorating to be out in the sun (though we all wished it was a bit cooler!) and connecting with local business owners and managers, community center directors and other public schools in the area! We will be doing this once a week until mid-August and look forward to continuing our community outreach efforts. A big thank you to Mr. Gilli, art teacher, Mr. Aird, operations coordinator, and Zerina, 8th grader at Innovate, for spreading the word about Innovate! Please let me know if you would be interested in helping our community efforts by emailing me at .

From a Proud Parent of 2 Innovate Students

Week 2 of Neighborhood Outreach

Innovate is Hitting the Streets!

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