All student materials - the content for each step and course - are gathered in the web-based Learning Portal.™ The Learning Portal™ is the knowledge management system of Innovate. The Learning Portal™ grows and develops from the joint experience and work of all teachers and students across the KED network, and so contains all the most consistently effective material developed by all the best teachers.The Learning Portal uses all the innovative methods of personalized learning and one of the most advanced methods is to help students by providing the option to order an essay at The Learning Portal™ enables teachers to spend less time preparing lessons - while still being able to use all the best coursework available - and spend more time with their students. 

The Learning Portal™ is an important tool in personalized learning, partly because its content provides a wide variety of choices and is accessible to students anywhere/anytime. Thus learning is not an activity limited to the premises of school, but can be done at home, or anywhere a student learns next. Parents are also able to easily access what their child is working on, because on The Learning Portal™, students, parents, and teachers can see:

Steps: Course introductions, tasks, and work procedures together with the tools, links, and other resources necessary to complete the work.
Theme Courses: Includes information about all the courses with descriptions in each case of the content, resources and tools.
Individual Study Plans: Stored online for parent, teacher, and student access.
Progress Monitoring: It is possible at any time to log in and see how many steps a student has completed and how close he or she is to meeting his or her goals. Teacher comments or assessments are recorded and available for both student and parents at all times. Other teachers may also access this information to find out how students are doing in other subjects and check to see if other teachers have found successful strategies for specific students that they then can then use in other subjects to help the student learn.