In personalized learning, the teacher accommodates and supports the students’ different ways of learning. This calls for a different type of teaching role, which also requires a different attitude and competence. The teaching role at Innovate is three-part, and involves being a personal coach, subject expert, and general teacher:

personal coach: Each teacher is a personal coach for the students belonging to the teacher’s "base group."  Personal coaching includes instructing and counseling the students on their social, personal and knowledge development.
subject expert: As an expert in a subject, the teacher, together with other teachers, is responsible for planning and conducting workshops, seminars, lectures, and other activities in step and thematic courses.
general teacher: The teacher is a support resource and role model for all students in the school.
• essay experts: is a source of inspiration for students, is responsible for conducting thematic lectures and courses, which include instructing and advising students in practical classes on writing student papers.

In schools across the globe, KED teachers report that our Learning Portal and unique scheduling free them to innovate with their students, and find effective ways to help them reach their learning goals.