I like having a coach best of all! We see them weekly and they help us stay on track.
Tyler R., 6th Grade
I like our Workshops at Innovate, it's a time when you get to finish up on all your unfinished work!
Andre, 8th Grade
What I like most about the KED model is that I can work according to my capabilities and can correctly place priorities, saving time thanks to the use of the best custom writing service. I am delighted with the individual approach to each student!
John, 8th Grade

We have personal coaching helping us daily, this is really helpful! The KED system "STEPS" never gets boring and lets you move at your own pace!
Estella, 6th Grade
What I like best about the KED model is that I can work at my own pace! So I can really concentrate on getting my project finished to the best of my ability.
Folashade, 8th Grade
I like the system of organization in the KED school model!
Jonah, 8th Grade
The KED program is unique because if we are doing well in all subjects we get to choose our own workshops in a subject that we like studying the most!
Shane, 7th Grade
Our school is different from other schools in that we get to choose our schedule and set our own goals with our personal coaches!
Darren, 8th Grade
We are different from other schools because we get to choose our own individual weekly agenda with the help of our personal coach!
Jaclyn, 6th Grade
I like to say that my teacher helps me stay on task and helps me fulfill my goals!
Dejah, 8th Grade
The KED program at Innovate is unique in that besides our teachers, we have a Learning Portal that lets us work at our own pace!
Jasmine, 7th Grade
We have the best music teacher! He has helped us form a Glee Club and Rock Band! Check us out on our website!
Bryan, 8th Grade
From the students at Innovate, we would like say a big thank you!!! For helping us understand this brand new learning program from KED and all the hard work you have put into making it happen. Parent-Teacher-Student=Success.
A message to our teachers at Innovate